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Icon makes the world’s best motorcycle gear. We brought their brand to life online in all its road-terrorizing  splendor.

Icon is the patron saint of ass-puckering speed. They make the stuff that keeps riders alive. Centered on life-saving quality, refined detail and their own style, Icon armors four distinct product lines of helmets, jackets and leathers, boots and other asphalt-deterring  apparel.


Raiden traffic is up 300%, users are visiting 50% more pages than before, and time on site is up to 4:40 (not a typo). More users are coming to the site, they're visiting more pages, and staying longer. Huge  win.


We serve our client first, but it’s always nice when the community takes notice. CommArts made the site a “Web Pick of the Day,” and it received an Awwwards Honorable Mention.  Cheers!


Embedding with Icon’s digital team streamlined process to create a unique yet cohesive design. In-person and InVision exchanges pushed functionality into new realms of possibility.

Brand  immersion

To thoroughly understand the brand, we surrounded the studio with helmets, jackets and apparel, Icon’s otherworldly catalog imagery—even their ‘82 Suzuki Katana custom motorcycle New Jack.


Site motion like hover states and content loads are a big part of the design. Prototyping tools (read about how we used the Sketch plugin) gave stakeholders see-it-like-it-is ability to efficiently interact and critique in  development.

Parliament’s tailored approach gave us the creative control to tell our brand story in a really unique way.”

—Ryan Miller, Digital Marketing Manager

One business, three  brands

Three distinctive brands, Icon Moto, One Thousand and Raiden, make up Icon and speak to diverse niche audiences, so we designed a flexible system that makes each feel familiar to each other yet distinct.

Nav &  hierarchy

Multiple levels of navigation hierarchy account for each brand and its product and lifestyle content using a left to right and top to bottom order of importance, providing simple, intuitive transition to any brand from any page.

Dynamic  styling

All Icon brands, collections and bikes have their own personality, so we gave every page a dynamic look and layout to match by creating several design and layout themes that interchange to give content a variety of unique looks, even in ways we didn’t expect. So stoked, my dudes.

The  experience

Icon and its three brands differ from all other outfitters, and the website shows it by combining lifestyle and product in a seamless brand narrative, with every pixel reflecting their values and mission.

A platform for killer  content

Icon’s products not only look amazing, but they perform as some of the safest gear on Earth. We took the same approach to the site—make the front-end sexy and the back-end  strong.

Seek and ye shall  find

Searching across multiple brands, collections and content requires a broad yet connected search that produces results quickly and easily along with relevant content that visitors might not expect.

Dealer  locator

The store locator sources local retailers to put Icon gear into your hot, sweaty hands. Our custom solution integrates with a legacy system to manage their worldwide dealer database.

A back-end to rule them  all

Four custom plugins, over one thousand pages, and some ten thousand assets, our custom CMS is freakishly robust and nimble, just like a circus strongman who knits sweaters for mice. To Make every page of a massive site feel special, we built a tool that avoids “design drop-off,” how some pages feel more polished than others, by successfully deploying an enormous site that feels entirely  art-directed.

“Our previous system took a team of designers, image processors, and IT professionals to update content. Now, we have a dedicated staff of one to manage all content updates.”
 — Ryan Miller

Apply  here

Back when dinosaurs ruled Earth and Yahoo! still mattered, Icon got job applications through email. Gross. Now the process includes in-browser app forms, auto replies and the ability to search, rate and comment on candidates. Applicant? Now applican.

Heaps of  flexibility

Gear isn’t one-size-fits-all, nor is the website. We scrapped traditional page templates that confine content creators and created seventeen content-blocks for populating, styling, rearranging and grouping to form nearly any layout imaginable.


We simplified complex taxonomies so that a click categorizes, tags and assigns products and images to brands, groups or collections, which can be reused across content-blocks with another click. A few clicks later, the site practically builds itself.


We set out to create a beautiful experience that screams Icon attitude. Now they’ve left the rest of the internet in the dust and we couldn’t be more proud. Launching this behemoth was one helluva  ride.

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