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Chris Erickson, Creative  Director

Jono Stark, Creative  Director

Maria Janosko, Art  Director

Chris Arth,  Designer

Adam Shalz,  Designer

Kyle Hinze,  Designer

John Pomietlasz,  Copywriter

Lucas Swick, Technical  Director

Alex Van Holtz, Full-Stack  Developer

Aaron Noah,  Producer

Boone Rodriguez,  Photographer

Home With Heroes is a growing, volunteer-led nonprofit that serves those who  served.

Home with Heroes was founded in 2011 with one goal: to say thank you. Inspired by a friend’s service to country, the organization has evolved into a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Each year, HWH provides over 150 veterans with unforgettable outdoor experiences in hunting, fishing and community  building.

We are proud to call Home with Heroes our official nonprofit partner. Each year, we participate in events and work alongside their team to evolve the brand across mediums, always with the goal of serving veterans in a fun, rewarding and practical  way.

A true  partnership.

Every donated dollar to HWH is precious, so it was important we donate 100 percent of our time. Since the launch of their new brand and website, volunteer signups and veteran nominations are up 300 percent. That means two things—HWH can serve more vets with less  donations.

It’s all about the  vets.

Home with Heroes’ original brand and website was a grassroots effort that established the organization and got the word out. But its growth led to a new set of challenges: elevating the brand, communicating in one voice and creating operational efficiencies. Our contributions enabled HWH staff to focus on something more important — the  vets.

Over the river and through the  woods.

The 3,200 picturesque acres of Horseshoe Bend Ranch serve as HWH home base, making it the perfect place to kick things off. Our crew spent a day or two slinging mud and lead with HWH's leadership, experiencing the awe and serenity that HWH gives to each of its nominated  vets.

To experience it yourself, read our journal  post.

One brand and  voice.

Home with Heroes is one organization with many events, each led by a handful of volunteers. We equipped them with a distinctive brand that’s easy to execute and flexible enough to effortlessly span every  medium.

Part amplifier, all  toolkit.

The website serves double duty, operating as an info-gathering marketing site and a tool to reduce communication tedium fulfilled by volunteers. Visitors can sign up to volunteer, enlist in events, stay informed and nominate or sponsor vets, and automated responses keep communication  efficient.

Crafting the Home with Heroes  story.

Each vet who receives unforgettable adventures does so because of donor generosity. It’s simple math—more donations equal more veteran experiences. So we created quarterly and annual publications that share the HWH story, from vision to veteran perspective, outlining how folks can get involved and how contributions pay  off.

Where it all comes  together.

From pheasant hunts to tuna derbies, HWH events treat vets to adventures chock-full of fun, camaraderie and respect. And the apparel, signage and collateral make them look so damn good. Of course, the ranch helps  too.

Making it  personal.

Beyond professional contributions, participating in a dozen events enlightened our perspective and instilled an overwhelming sense of pride. Spending time outdoors is always a joy, but with vets it’s a true honor. Sure we sought trophies, but the real win was showing up and sharing in the experience. We battled tuna, chipped for double bogey and tested our marksmanship, all in the name of  gratitude.

Not done  yet.

We couldn’t be more pleased to offer our support for such a rad cause and can’t wait for the next event. Thanks to everyone on our crew who made this happen, including our friend Boone Rodriguez, who donated his time and photography. Jake Carse and the other volunteers at Home with Heroes are saints — thanks for allowing us to be a part of the team. And, of course, our deepest gratitude goes out to our  vets.

If you’d like to get involved or nominate a vet, head over to Home with Heroes and make it happen. Rumor has it Jake will wrestle a bear at the next event — be there to watch the circus live.

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