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Visual Design



Chris Erickson,  Creative Director

Maria Janosko, Art  Director

Aaron Noah,  Producer

John Pomietlasz,  Copywriter

Pony Van Holtz, Full-Stack  Developer

Eric Van Holtz,  Front-End Developer

Lucas Swick,  Technical Director

Brand from the ground  up.

Over a decade, Holst grew from drafting designs in an attic to receiving national recognition. While their work is forward-leaning, their brand had grown  tired.

Reflecting on their rich history and capturing their ambitious spirit, we set out to elevate the Holst story to align it with their quality of work. We helped them transition toward new leadership and then gave them a new brand and  website.

From site to  destination.

Our solution was to design a clean, clear brand and build a website that captures the beauty of their work and stories behind  it.

Blueprint for  success.

We believe the best results directly tie to collaboration. We kick off each phase with an overview meeting, talking through terminology and setting expectations. For us to move through the process together, we must understand key terms like staging and  .git.

We also meet bi-weekly in-person to present progress and share status updates. This keeps everyone on the same page and builds trust through  camaraderie.

Building a unified  brand.

The Holst design aesthetic carries an air of simplicity and elegance, and the new logo and brand guidelines encapsulate those values. An updated color palette and simple word mark pair with incredible photography for a striking visual  identity.

Bringing it together  online.

We take great care to ensure holstarc.com matches the experience of walking into one of their spaces: clean, inviting and  functional.

Beauty through  simplicity.

The website design inspires users through incredible photography. Simple type and UI elements avoid extra attention, allowing each project to tell a unique design story through the firm’s always-custom  approach.

Imagery speaks for  itself.

The most important site aspect is the photography, and we use a few novel solutions to ensure it always looks  incredible.

We developed a ‘photo-feed' module, similar to an Instagram feed, that enables users to consume beautiful imagery without clicking through a  carousel.

Most importantly, we support in-image focal points so regardless of device, the most important part of the image always stays in focus. Read more about the solution on  Medium.

Website without the  work.

The old Holst site wasn’t easy to update and largely sat untouched over the years. Content admins need simple tools for making and managing content easy, fast and  fulfilling.

We use Craft CMS to build the back end because it's the best way to make administrators  happy.

Cutting ribbons with huge  scissors.

We take a heaps of pride in helping companies transition from who they were to who they want to be. It invigorates the company with a newfound sense of self that affects every decision, from the work they accept, to the partners they collaborate with and the employees they  hire.

Is your company evolving? Give us a shout. We’d love to  help.

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