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Visual  Design



Chris Erickson, Creative  Director

Willy Bravenec, Art Director

Adam Shalz,  Designer

Lucas Swick, Technical  Director

Eric Van Holtz, Front-End  Developer

Aaron Noah, Producer

We built a one-of-a-kind surfboard design studio for  Haydenshapes.

Hayden Cox, the man behind Haydenshapes, is the closest thing to an Ocean Lord that we have. Master of both the seas and fashionable haircuts, his surfboards have won Board of the Year three times in a row. He pushes the industry forward by using technology to overcome the production limitations of hand-crafted  tools.

To that end, we created HS Studio, an online surfboard builder that lets folks design and purchase their own custom, made-to-spec surfboard. By rethinking what a run-of-the-mill product configurator can do, anyone can partner with Haydenshapes to create the surfboard of their  dreams.

Looks great.
Works  better.

HS Studio is a workhorse. It puts the power of design into the hands of customers who want custom-specced surfboards, and also gives the Haydenshapes design team a powerful tool that prototypes new shapes, graphics and finishes in real  time.

Heart and soul at  scale.

The thing that makes HS Studio so rad is also what makes it challenging to bring online. Each custom surfboard is made to the exact specs of its future owner — and the number of options is bananas. Matte or high-gloss finish? Check. A dozen board shapes made to your exact dimensions? No prob. Single fin, thruster or quad? That’s just the  beginning.

A new line on an
old  problem.

Emboldened to give users the chops to pump out more than six million different surfboards, we broke free of old configurator formats and took a fresh approach. That meant moving away from layered photography and static renders of traditional configurators and doing something completely  new.

In-browser 3D opens new avenues for  interactivity.

Traditional configurators confine users to a few preset product views. But imagine complete control over the surfboard—zoom into detail, explore every angle and compare the reflection on a 600-grit or 2,000-grit  finish.

To pull it off, we built HS Studio with three.js, a technology used in video games and experimental  art.

For a more technical how-we-did-it, read our post on Medium.

Beauty is more than skin  deep.

The transparent user experience enables customers to intuitively explore their designs without the burden of first figuring the tool out. The minimal user interface and subdued color palette focus user attention to the surfboard’s subtle shapes, lines and graphic  details.

Context is  key.

Despite hundreds of shapes, graphics and technology options, contextual design elements guide users through each decision. The camera also follows intentional paths, rotating and changing zoom levels to support design  choices.

Performance on every screen  size.

The mobile experience has every feature like its desktop cousin. On the couch or at the beach, users can design, spin and flip each custom surfboard until perfect. Once complete, a few clicks take a customer's vision from screen to  waves.

Read how we made the mobile experience so damn fast on  Medium.

Empowering customers
at  retail.

As consumers accrue an ever-growing number of online purchase options, brick and mortars face a steep challenge—providing real value. Using HS Studio at their Sydney-based retail store, Haydenshapes gives walk-in customers the ability to take out-of-stock models on a virtual spin, or better yet, build their own custom  board.

In shop or online, every custom board sells by way of some trick Shopify techniques our team engineered. Read the full story on Medium.


Many thanks to Hayden Cox and his brilliant team, as well as everyone on the Parliament crew who crushed HS Studio. It’s without a doubt the baddest product configurator this side of Skeleton Coast. Now go build a board, ya  bum.

So stoked, my  dudes.

An eagle means Parliament