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Camp Sherman

Winter Camp

Twice a year, our entire crew hits the road and sets up camp to share meals, stories and  adventures.

For Winter Camp, we set our sights on the one and only Camp Sherman. We left the weekend even smarter and closer then when we arrived, which is hard to believe, but camp does that kind of  thing.

It’s going to be a great  year

Winter Camp kicked off with a workshop on what’s shaping up to be the best year ever (two words: we’re pumped). From our people to our work to our global adventures, it’s hard not to be stoked on 2016.

All work. All  play.

Parliament families, including a crew of littles, set up at Lake Creek Lodge in cozy, rustic cabins. Nestled in the forest with a backdrop of snow, we adventured at sun up and camaraderied at sun  down.

Oh, and the table tennis was intense.  Intense.

Metolius  River

The Metolius is legendary for its fly fishing. Generations of Oregonian anglers head to Camp Sherman for their chance at landing the big one. We struck out from the Camp Sherman Store, which may have the best selection of flies we’ve ever seen, and fished it without luck. But, also without complaints. It’s an amazing river and we’re stoked to return when it’s teeming with the summer run and the lines are  flying.

Into the  woods

On our way out the door we pillaged the gear library for winter gear, including snowshoes, waders and a few packs. On Saturday, a few groups went hiking while another snowshoed up Potato Hill, which offered views far surpassing your typical spud. We heard a report that Sasquatch may have made an appearance, but it remains  unconfirmed.

Breaking in the mobile  office

You may have heard, we got our hands on an ’86 VW Syncro with a Subaru EJ22 swap—the perfect complement to our JK Wrangler. We put it through a series of field tests, added a few dings, and came home with a shopping list that was promptly fulfilled, starting with CVT Mt. Rainier roof tent, dueling ARB roof racks and a gate ladder. Up next? This Spring we’re gonna start picking apart the Oregon Backcountry Discovery  Route.

A huge thanks goes out to the folks at Lake Creek Lodge for surviving the madness and to the folks on our crew who made it all  happen.

Best. Year. Ever. You should be a part of  it.

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