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To the range

When the boardroom is over the river and through the woods, business is bound to become an earth- and lead-slinging  affair.

That’s how we caught up with Home with Heroes founder Jake Carse and board member Jim Thurber at the Horseshoe Bend Ranch for another not-so-run-of-the-mill planning  session.

The day started the way they all start in the dark months, thick with  fog.

For months the landscape soaked up every bit of rain, waiting for some fools to stir it up. We were those fools and we came ready to  stir.

The ranch is a vast 3,200 acres of gruff topography, the range tucked away in a rock filled valley a long ways from asphalt. To get there we rode Honda quads and Arctic Cat side-by-sides, traversing boggy meadows, pine forests, icy streams and steep canyon  walls.

We arrived forty minutes  muddier.

Surrounded by woods, it stretches across a rocky natural bowl where we scattered steel targets across the landscape, dropping the farthest on the opposite rim 200 yards away. Then it was safety: caution, do’s, don’ts, definitely don’ts, earplugs and  eyewear.

The Colt Marksman CRX-16 competition rifle is a precision  beast.

With the power of a canon but the kick of a nudge, it made pinging the 200 spot almost easy. For some of us. Firing off clips is an exhilarating intensity  —  the emitting pulses of energy, the burning smell of gunpowder, the thwomp beating into your in your  chest.

Oh  snap

We were also fortunate to test drive an FN SCAR 16S, courtesy of board member slash gold miner slash all-around good guy Jim Thurber. A head-turner amongst range hounds, it’s the semi-auto civilian version of the U.S. Special Operations Command’s newest service rifle. We took the opportunity to fill the earth with smoking shells and we can personally attest to its  badassery.


A huge thanks to Jake Carse and Jim Thurber with Home with Heroes for their time and generosity, as well as Matt at the Horseshoe Bend Ranch. We’re really grateful for such productive  meetings.

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