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Surface Case

A little something something for our  friends.

After eight years of partnership, we wanted to do a little something special for our colleagues at Microsoft. For each of their standard-issue Surfaces, we figured we’d make them a far-from-standard, wool felt Parliament case. What we failed to do was make enough for  us.

Our  inspiration

We focused on natural materials and simplicity—two elements sadly lacking when it comes to tablet cases. Our goal was to extend the crisp lines from the Surface into the case while adding a sense of tactile  comfort.

We love, love, love FilzFelt, so that seemed like a great place to start. We went with 3mm felt in a colorway named Anthrazit, and then we paired it with tactile elements that feel great to touch—leather, wood, brass and  paper.

Give a  damn

Beyond the case, we made a suite of Parliament writing utensils and handy ruler fashioned from 120-year-old reclaimed fir. A trio of mantra sketchbooks, plain, lined and gridded pages, slip perfectly into felt pockets for safe keeping and easy  retrieval.

Each case snugly hugs its cargo, keeping it safe and  soft.

It’s all about simplicity and details, and we absolutely love how they came together to make what might just be the perfect  case.


A huge thanks to Bailey Jones for designing and prototyping the cases, Phillip Stewart for wrangling everybody, Gretchen Lohry-Smith for constructing the cases, Legend Custom Woodworking for cutting and planing our 120-year-old fir joists, MC Laser Labs for etching our rulers, Lithtex for printing our sketchbooks and Jono Stark for working the camera. And, of course, thanks to Microsoft for eight years of  collaboration.

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