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Surf Camp

Introducing Parliament’s first annual Surf Camp. Part research and development, part team bonding and wholly fun, it began with a simple open call: come  surf.

46.1336° N, 123.8775° W

No experience necessary, we rallied our crew and friends of first-timers, some-timers and all-the-timers for a day of beach shenanigans at the forested cove of Indian Beach in Ecola State  Park.

Our seasoned riders lead the charge with a quick-and-dirty intro to crushing it. In the tumbling whitewash we formed a line-up, jumping on break after break, taking dig after dig. Doubt washed away with teethy smiles in its place. More than a few converts left the beach that day. The ocean can make a believer out of  anyone.

We broke out our custom-made Haydenshapes decks, a 6’0” Hypto Krypto and 6’6” Cannon, courtesy of Hayden himself.

Massive thank you to the Parliament crew and friends for making a successful Surf Camp. Big ups to the kind folks at Cannon Beach’s Cleanline Surf Shop for suiting the crew, to AquaTec for its ocean-proof camera housing and finally, photographer Boone Rodriguez for taking a beating and capturing the  vibe.

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