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Shorties at Sunrise

Awake by 3am, in the water at sunrise and still in our seats for roll  call.

At a little under 90 minutes from Portland to the coast, spending weekends at the beach is easy. Working the waves into the weekday routine, however, takes a little extra effort. For the dedicated, it’s just another day at the  office.

Pre-dawn hours have an honest way of banding people together. It’s too early to fudge caring about bedhead, coffee breath or recycling yesterday’s bad jokes. Once or twice a week, a few of the team corral friends for an early one. This time we shanghaied photographer at-large Steven Clouse to snap some  shots.

Short Sands cove of Oswald West State Park feels shrouded in lore. Legend says Sir Francis Drake, the 16th century English marauder, buried Spanish-pirated Aztec gold here. There’s a real sense of enchantment, hiking the old-growth Sitka spruce forest, hitting the beach as the morning fog lifts off the sand. It might not be ancient gold, but it’s definitely treasure.

A huge thanks to Steven Clouse for getting up in the middle of the night, lugging his camera gear through the woods and watching the sunrise with us. And of course, thanks to Travis Kroeger for his companionship and  falsetto.

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Until  then.

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