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Parliament Dev

2016 Year in Review

This year was  massive.

We launched ten projects in 2016, ranging from installations to behemoth marketing sites. The growth didn’t come on its own, though. It required strategy and  intent.

Starting with finding the right people and then establishing the right processes, our small team executed seriously big  projects.

People  first.

Our philosophy for achieving results and expanding capabilities always starts with finding the right  people.

We hired Alex Van Holtz, who brought vast systems knowledge and integration experience. She’s also married to Eric, our front-end developer. Curious how that relationship  works?

Our  Process.

Our workflow evolved throughout the year to accommodate the increase in project complexity. We started morning stand-ups, have lunch twice a month to strategize, align our intentions, and test-drive new  technologies.

We collaborate with any clients who are in active development by having weekly meetings with them, and work side-by-side with our Digital Designer who we keep chained to his  desk.

Icon  Motosports.

Our biggest project of the year—over 1,000 pages united under a three-brand site—was a giant, sexy beast that consumed a large chunk of dev  resources.

Learn all about those pages in our case study, or dive directly into a brand: Icon, Icon1000, or  Raiden.

Renew  Parliament.

We relaunched our site at the tail end of 2015 and updated continuously thought the year, amassing 1,500 commits across 100 feature branches. Our sandbox for testing new ideas, when proofed we roll out the solutions to  clients.

We won more work this year from our internal solutions than featured portfolio projects. Purposeful internal projects make good business  sense.

Codes and  Arrows.

In April we hosted a Portland Design Week event that had attendees shoot a real bow and arrow at a hardwired target. We bridged the digital and physical experience by queueing and notifying participants with a custom Craft CMS plugin and  SMS.

Target sensors detect arrow location and force, and we fedd the data from a Node.js app to a Three.js experience that generates data-driven low-poly planets. We’ll stop there because we’re out of  buzzwords.

Real world  awareness.

To celebrate Earth Day, we repurposed Codes and Arrows to run in-browser without the physical hardware. Our first pop-up project ever, we gave ourselves half a day to make it  happen.

The goal was to evaluate our momentum when challenged with a tight deadline. While other projects focused on experimenting or executing at a high level, this was all about  efficiency.

Haydenshapes  Studio.

Also in April we launched our most technically ambitious project—the Haydenshapes Custom Board  Builder.

We used Three.js to display real-time CAD surfboard models with a React.js GUI inside Shopify. We can’t call ourselves pioneers if it had already been done. Read the details in the case  study.

Home with  Heroes.

In May we launched the Home With Heroes site, a pro-bono project for a rad organization that reconnects veterans with outdoor  experiences.

Learn more about building a nonprofit brand and website in our case  study.


We launched a new architect brand and website in June. Building on our pancake system made this project one of the smoothest projects ever, forming a client relationship we mega  respect.

We believe finding the right people and processes leads to successful products and relationships, and this project greatly validated  this.

Generative art for Union  Square.

The largest project by sheer pixel count, we developed two generative art concepts for a massive two-story LED wall in New York City. The first was a processing sketch with 3D geometry folding into itself. The second was our first foray into Cinema4D. We pushed a million particles around with a bunch of turbulence, and then waited a week for the render to  finish.

Star of the  square.

The installation receives over 330,000 views per day, or 660,000 eyeballs, assuming there are no pirates or cyclops watching  it.

What’s  next?

Our 2016 was a great year. We invested in people, tweaked processes and killed projects. To put it mildly, we can’t wait to see what happens in 2017. With any luck, we develop HTC Vive installations inside our Oculus running on Arduino  in-browser.

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