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Join our Crew

Our crew is made up of people. And a robot. We love what we do and we do what we love. We work together closely, pushing ourselves and each other, and while the world keeps shifting we’ll just keep on learning. Our work ethic is on the strong side, as is our play  ethic.

Except Robot, he’s all work and no play. How about  you?

“We work closely together. People will see you in a  wetsuit.”

John  Pomietlasz

Field trips

Throughout the year, we encourage crew mates to take part in four to six field trips, each designed so first-timers and old-timers get to experience our clients’ interests, products and  services.


Leadership down, our values inform the decisions we make and are in everything we do — and together we amplify their meaning.


Bring fresh ideas, new approaches and back them up. We embrace the unknown and the chaos that comes with it.


We value doing jobs well. That means that sometimes we do things the hard way. Attending to the details is the difference between blah and meaningful.


Everyone brings a unique, intelligent perspective to the table. Collaboration beats competition. Execution over ego. Crew before you.

Gear library

Need to borrow a skill saw? A tent? Some surfboards? We’ve got you covered. Our gear library is available to our team and it’s always growing.

I have never laughed so much, or so loud, and it feels like you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends. The ratio of serious talk to fun talk is way different than anywhere else I’ve worked, and it comes  easily.

Lucas  Swick
Technical  Director


We offer competitive salaries and a killer health insurance package. Perhaps most importantly, we don’t work our team to the bone. Believe  it.


We offer competitive salaries and reasonable weekly work schedules.


Health, dental and vision coverage is offered through Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield. We cover 100% of our employees' monthly premiums.

Paid time  off

Crew mates earn 15 days of paid time off annually. With each additional year worked, employees have the option of receiving more time off in lieu of salary bumps if they desire.


We match 401k contributions up to 4% of each employee's annual salary.


For crewmates who want to get their build on, our turn-key workshop is available for personal use evenings and  weekends.

Success at  Parliament

Here’s the inside track to what it takes to kill it around these  parts.


We love self-starters and they love us. People who have the ability to see the big picture and make things happen are given the freedom to do so.


We value process, but we don't value rigidity. The ability to adapt to new projects, technologies and methodologies is important to us.


We hire and retain people who outperform 95% of their contemporaries. We don't want to make good. We want to make incredible.


We refuse not to laugh, and it might just be at your expense. It's all in good fun, but if you're a stiff, you will hate us.


We get stoked on what-ifs. The unknown is calling and we are answering.