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Almost 3,000 years have passed since Homer wrote the Odyssey. While much has changed, much hasn’t. Social networks have superseded oral tradition, but stories of exploration are still as powerful as ever. It isn’t a trend, it’s an  instinct.

No duh

Right, the power of story isn’t news. Every brand fights to elevate their narrative and the slugfest is going down in boardrooms across the globe. But, we have a plan—a plan to take it outside.

Introducing Brand Adventures. Near and far, we take brand-centric adventures that produce real, inspired content. By bringing photographers, cinematographers, brands and influencers together, we’ll motivate people to live their own odyssey. And, of course, you’ll sell more  stuff.


No glamping, no five-star hotels, no sets. When gale force winds blow a Landy's door clean off, you know you're in the thick of it. The spirit of exploration is woven throughout every adventure, and your gear makes it possible.


Our adventures are turn-key. From booking through final edits, we've locked down planning, prep and follow-through, so you can focus on more important things.


As you know, creating killer content is expensive. We've built a value-minded model that keeps costs low while keeping quality high.


We work with influencers who have significant reach inside our categories, sharing elevated branded content without diluting their influence.

The basics


Travel, food, schedule, personnel, gear, talent, logistics, legal, customs and insurance. We got the must-haves covered while leaving plenty of flexibility for real moments.


We’ll take your gear on the trail, surf, snow, sand—wherever each adventure takes us. We’ll come back with some great stories and even better  content.


Our studio will edit, crop and color our way through post-production, making sure everything is as inspiring as it was in  person.


If you opt to use our network of influencers to reach your audience, we’ll schedule and coordinate  accordingly.


We’ll deliver high-resolution content via FTP in whichever format works best for  you.

How it works

Pick an  adventure

Together, we’ll determine which adventure(s) is the best match for your brand and gear. Have an idea that isn’t on our books yet? Cool, let’s make it happen.

Define  scope

The amount of photography/video content we produce, the products we bring and how much social outreach we drive is completely up to  you. 

Shot list

Using broad strokes, we’ll collaborate on a basic shot list and overall direction. The gear we bring guides the adventure, and you’ll help shape  the details.

Ship  it

Send us your gear and we’ll give it a pre-trip inspection to ensure everything works and fits before  departure.

That’s  it

Seriously, that’s it. Get  stoked.

Join us

It took Odysseus ten years to return home with his story. We can tell yours now. Given the nature of each trip, space is limited, so let’s do  it.

Contact  us


How much does it  cost?

Cost is a function of four variables: adventure details (length, location), content needs (photography, cinematography, aerial), reproduction rights and your brand coverage (how many items we pack and how prevalent they are across the deliverables). We can manage the variables to meet most budgets.

How much direction over the adventure and media do we  get?

We'll work with you to understand your basic shot requirements and direction. Beyond that, the adventure will dictate much of the content. You won't get nearly as much control as you do with a studio shoot, but you'll get a whole lot more adventure.

Do we get to come  along?

We'd love to plan a custom adventure for your brand and create memories with your team. However, most pre-planned trips are sans entourage.

We noticed the Pentax. You are shooting digitally,  right?

Nice catch. Yes, we shoot using pro digital SLRs and prime lenses. Although, the Pentax might make an appearance or two.

Can’t I just hire a freelancer for this kind of  thing?

Sure, but the benefit of adventuring with Parliament is rooted in quality, convenience and reliability.

Will you be shooting for other brands during our  adventure?

If you book a solo adventure, then no. If your gear comes on a pre-planned adventure, then yes. Having some complementary brands on board keeps the overall costs lower for you. Don't worry, though—no other brands will compete with you. If you sell boots, for example, we won't bring anybody else who sells footwear. Since we only bring one brand per gear category, the early bird gets the worm.

Will we see photos in  progress?

Many of the locations we travel to have little to no cell reception or internet connectivity, so you might not get a sneak peek. We do receive basic updates via satphones, which we'll relay to you.

How soon will we get the  content?

For photos, we'll take a week to perform basic post-production, and then we'll collaborate with your team to make final selects. Final content will be delivered between 7-15 business days. The delivery schedule for video varies between 3-6 weeks, based on length and editing.

How are rights  managed?

We are pretty flexible. Let us know what you need and we'll develop a rights package that works for you.

How long is each  trip?

For each adventure, we develop a basic itinerary, which could range from a few days to several weeks.

Can we suggest an  adventure?

That would be amazing. Bring it.



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