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Saltwater runs deep at Parliament. We’re in the line-up come winter, spring, summer and fall, so naturally we harbor love for the brands that are out there with us. From surfboards to spear guns to swimwear to tan lines, we’ll help you grow but we won’t let you grow  old.

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Surf Camp

Introducing Parliament’s first annual Surf Camp. Part R and D, part team bonding and wholly fun, it began with a simple open call: come  surf.

Haydenshapes is driven by pushing boundaries and Parliament shares that  mindset.”

Hayden  Cox
CEO,  Haydenshapes

Jono Stark

Field guide to Sayulita

If you’re like me you’ve had endless friends who won’t stop talking about how amazing Sayulita is. This past summer, it was finally my turn to make the trip and find out if it is really worth the  hype.



Matuse makes premium wetsuits and lifestyle goods. We’re helping them put their stuff on more  bodies.

Our work for  Matuse


Shorties at Sunrise

Awake by 3am, in the water at sunrise and in your seat for roll call. Just another day at the  office.


Studio Quiver

We have six studio boards for our crew, ranging from skaty Mini Simms to noseriders. Bonzai!

  • Haydenshapes 6’ 0” Hypto  Krypto
  • Haydenshapes 6’ 6”  Cannon
  • Haydenshapes 9’ 3”  Noste
  • Blackfern 6’ 2”  Disc
  • Blackfern 5’ 4” Mini  Simms
  • Hammer Surf 7’ 2” Speed  Egg
Building our  quiver



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